Generators & Temporary Power

Commercial & Industrial Generator Rental


Whether you need large scale industrial generator rental to provide temporary power for a building in Atlanta Georgia or a 110v distribution to run a refrigerator and appliances in New York, or the power to operate large equipment in Houston Texas, SCI can help. We have commercial and industrial generator rental units available with multiple voltage and wattage requirements.



Power Generator Rental Nationwide


We own a fleet of heavy duty commercial and industrial generators, in multiple locations, nationwide. In addition, SCI has established relationships with national power distributors who we call on if we run out of generators or temporary power equipment. In essence, if you need a generator or temporary power, we can help you.



Need Help Choosing A Size?


To get the best sized generator for your temporary power situation, call us today and we will help you determine the size best suited for your power generation requirements.



Temporary Power For


Fairs, Festivals & Parades

Tools, Machinery & Large Equipment

Construction Sites

Outdoor Concerts

Commercial Buildings

Factories & Warehouses

Manufacturing Facilities

Natural Disasters

Hospitals & Health Clinics

Government Facilitates

Picnics & Parties

Outdoor Business Ceremonies

Grocery Stores & Restaurants



More Information


Rent, Lease & Buy Options Available

Duration: Short term & long term rentals.

Delivery: Door to door service available.

Fuel: Diesel Gas

Voltage: Multiple Options

Service: Local set up available 25kW to 2Meg units, SCI can help with your power needs. The need for power is widespread and constant. As a provider of portable diesel generators, we never know what the call will be about. We could be renting a generator alongside one of our dehumidifiers, powering a business building after a storm or providing power for a street fair. We own and have access to so many different sized generators, and can be involved in many different scenarios, but you can be confident that we have the commercial or industrial generator rental unit to get the job done.



From Small To Large, We Have The Power You Need


For commercial or industrial generator rental, please contact SCI Supply. We have supplied a small generator to a neighborhood festival power lights and a popcorn machine and we have supplied enough MegaWatts to power small cities.



Emergency Generator Rental For Natural Disasters


Following natural disasters we respond in force, using generators to operate climate control equipment, as well as provide power to hospitals and other buildings.



Fast Same Day Delivery Available


When you don’t have it, you truly appreciate power. Don’t allow a facility to sit idle or sacrifice normal business operations due to lack of power. A temporary power solution can be quickly delivered and have you up and running before you know it.

If you have questions about generators, temporary power, or you would like to inquire about the size or availability of our generators, distribution panels or power cable, please contact our office: 1.866.243.6555

For specific power questions, to discuss a national power package or other matters, please give us a call: 1.866.243.6555


Product Image Item Name- Price
100 Kw Generator per Day ( Minimum 3 days)

Rent 100 KW GENERATOR ( Minimum 3 Days)...

300 Kw Generator per Day (MInimum 3 Days)

Rent 300 Kw Generator Rent por day (min...

50 AMP Power Distribution Box (Yellow Spider) Per Day

Rent 50 AMP Power Distribution Box...


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Dry Cleaning Chem Sponges 3" x 8" x 2"(36/ca)


$121.00  $112.50
Save: $8.50 off
Sani Clean Disinfectant Cleaner/ Coronavirus/ 4x1

Sani Clean is a one step germicidal dis...

$85.95  $65.59
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E-TES SD120LP - As Simple As Pointing a...

$2,395.00  $2,185.00
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$2,893.00  $2,293.00
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Monthly Specials For August

33" x 48" 6 Mil Clear Unprinted Bag/ 6 Mil/ 100 per roll (20#)

33" x 48" 6 mil Clear Unprinted Bag/ 6 ...

$95.31  $79.31
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10 x 100' 4 Mil Clear Plastic Sheeting ...

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33 X 48 Bag/ Unprinted/ Black/ 3 Mil/ 60 Per Case

33" x 48" Black Contractor Ba...

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33" x 48" 4 mil Clear/ Unprinted Bag/ 50 per roll (18.5#)

33" x 50" 4 mil clear, No Print contrac...

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10X100 6-Mil Poly

10 x 100' 6 Mil Clear Plastic Sheeting ...

$55.25  $48.72
Save: $6.53 off


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"SCI is not a water damage restoration company. We provide a service to the restoration industry with sales of equipment, abatement supplies, equipment repair and drying equipment rental." Statement from Ty Robinson, CEO.

Have you seen ...

"SCI is not a water damage restoration company. We provide a service to the restoration industry with sales of equipment, abatement supplies, equipment repair and drying equipment rental." Statement from Ty Robinson, CEO.

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Esca Tech D-Lead Final Clean (4 Gallon Case)
Esca Tech D-Lead Final Clean (4 Gallon Case)
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Extech MO290/ 8-in-1 Meter with IR Thermometer

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