Eneregdry- Eliminator Restoration Package

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With the Energedry Eliminator R you will get the job done fast. Drying with this system, dehumidification is not needed in most cases, but can be added in some drying situations for even faster drying. It's a fact of drying that warmer air can hold more water vapor. At 70F, air can hold twice the moisture of air at 50F. This particular difference of twenty degrees means that you can evaporate twice the moisture from structural materials. Use the Energedry Eliminator to create "thirsty" air with greater moisture-carrying capacity. The Energedry Eliminator is the most powerful Industry specific electric heat drying system that is totally self-contained and thermostatically controlled. Custom ramp up power feature allows for less energy consumption without compromising performance. Dry walls, carpet, wood floors, cabinets, etc... with ease.



  • 1 Eliminator
  • 1 6 Dia x 25 Mylar Ducting
  • 1 High Limit Digital Thermostat with 25 Cord
  • 1 Thermostat Plug
  • 1 Operations Manual



"SCI is not a water damage restoration company. We provide a service to the restoration industry with sales of equipment, abatement supplies, equipment repair and drying equipment rental." Statement from Ty Robinson, CEO.