E-tes SD 120V-SmartDry Low Profie

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E-TES SD120LP - As Simple As Pointing and Drying

With E-TES (SD) 120 Volt Smart Dry Low Profile you can still utilize all your traditional drying equipment and add the power of Directed Heat Drying to your mitigation efforts. E-TES SD is the electric version of the propane-fired full TES system and delivers hot, dry air to dry the most challenging materials faster than ever before.

E-TES SD Low Profile works perfectly with your dehumidifier based drying system. In fact, when E-TES SD is operating, dehumidifiers work even better! Or, you can use E

E-TES SD as a standalone drying system on small one and two room floods!. Now It's Easier Than Ever to Make Directed Heat Drying Work For You!. New E-TES SD is an electric version of the full TES system that plugs into either a 120 volt or 240 volt (different models) outlet. It delivers all the benefits of Directed Heat Drying with a more limited treatment area than a full TES system..

Add the Power of Directed Heat Drying to Traditional Drying Systems!

E-TES SD is perfect to deliver TES's advanced technology as a supplement to traditional air mover and dehumidifier systems on larger losses.

Use E-TES SD on your most difficult drying challenges like attics, crawl spaces, saturated concrete or stone and more. When used with an Octi-Dry, Injectidry or DriForce system, E-TES SD speed dries insulated walls, hardwood floors and cabinets better and faster than ever before.

Because E-TES SD Low Profile won't overwhelm a house with heat, dehumidifiers will be able to keep up. In fact, when E-TES SD is operating, the additional heat will make them work even more effectively.

Use E-TES SD Low Profile as a Standalone Unit on Smaller Losses E-TES SD is also perfect to handle smaller one and two room losses as a standalone drying system.

With E-TES SD Low Profile all you need is a standard air mover. Set up is quick and easy and you'll be drying in minutes. In fact, you'll dry small losses to completion faster than ever before!

E-TES SD Low Profile Adds Speed and Versatility to Traditional Drying Systems

Because E-TES SD Low Profile is a perfect complement to traditional air mover and dehumidifier based drying systems, you can add a powerful new tool to get structures dryer faster without changing your entire system of drying.

AT210 E-TES SD Smart Package Sensor Kit Smart Package Sensor Kit Kit contains:

  • 1 - PGE5060 Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly
  • 1 - AT200 Surface Temperature Sensor
  • 1 - AT202 Air Temperature Sensor
  • 2 - AT204 Sensor Probe Extension Cords
  • 1 - AT206 Remote Exhaust Fan Control
  • 1 - AT208 Sensor Travel Bag

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