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Dehumidification has been used during the blasting and coating of municipal water tanks for over 30 years. The majority of municipal work is run by the government, whom is working to operate as cost effectively as possible. For this reason the owners, engineers and inspectors also have to be cost-conscious to ensure:

  • The specification is updated and correctly written
  • The inspector has the duties to make the contractor meet specifications
  • The contractor has an opportunity to complete a quality project
  • The owner gets a quality project that will last the proper amount of time

Dehumidification will help any contractor complete a quality project on time, leaving the owner with successful results. Every water tank, even in a remotely dry environment, should use a dehumidifier because it provides a quality internal lining eliminating the need to do the blast/clean/prime method each day, which saves the owner money.

Benefits for dehumidification:

  • Aids in holding the blast
  • No more weather-related work delays
  • Schedule a project during any time of year
  • Ability to work on a project 24 hours a day, if required
  • Apply coating across entire area at one time, no need for the blast/clean/prime daily cycle
  • Apply coating under proper conditions, not during unpredictable weather/environmental conditions
  • Reduces other costs such as inspector’s time and down time due to shorter job duration
  • Give your project the best opportunity for a long-lasting coating or lining.



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